Removals Highbury N5

Removals HighburyWe know how hard it is to find professional services when you are facing a removal project which you don’t have the time to handle on your own. But we also know that we are the company to get in touch with when it comes to cost effective and reliable removal services in Highbury, N5 that are worth your time and money.


We are a seasoned company with immense resources in terms of manpower and equipment. This is why we can easily handle any type of removal project rapidly, efficiently and without any hiccups. To date we have worked on numerous projects and we have completed every single one of them in full accordance with the demands and requirements of our clients. We are a company that values highly its clients because we are appreciative about the trust that they have in our abilities and services. In many ways it is because of our clients that we have manage to become the successful company that we are today and built for ourselves the status of the contractors that provide the best removals in Highbury, N5. Price example: £220 is our fee for a three men team on a half day /up to 4 hrs/ job.


Know that we have never declined to provide our amazing removals in Highbury to anybody, so if you are worried that you are contacting us on a short notice, don’t be because we accept last minute bookings. We are able to accept projects on a short notice because we work with an extremely flexible work schedule. This way we are able to help as many people as possible which is the main goal of our company.


Please take into consideration that we are presently the favorite company of the local residents. It is like this because of the fact that we provide home removals of the highest possible quality. The type of our household doesn’t concern us because we have the necessary know-how to handle any type of residential removal. So don’t be shy to call us regardless whether you are living in a flat, mid-sized house or ancestral mansion.


Also don’t be shy to call us if you are in the need of man and van in Highbury. We provide affordable and reliable services which you can use for both full scale relocations or single item moves. Our staff of removalists is equipped with the finest moving tools and to make things even better we have provided them fully fitted moving vans. Our vans have top notch navigational systems that allow us to easily find any address within Highbury, N5 and to avoid all closes and jammed roads. The cargo sections of our vans are fitted with straps and belts that keep everything in place and therefore prevent any unwanted bumps and falls during transit. Price example: £65 is our hourly fee /minimum of 2 hrs/ for a three men team.


To our knowledge we are the only company in the area that provides packing services as a standalone service. We use only eco-friendly packing materials and we can pack anything from resilient and large object to small and breakable items. We use eco-friendly supplies because:


  • They are as good as the common packing materials
  • We care about the environment and want to preserve it
  • They are much more affordable than traditional packing supplies


We want to end our introduction by thanking you for your interest towards our company and the numerous services that we provide. We also want you to know that we are eager to work with you and help you go through an easy and successful project. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our services and company.


We are seated in the North London area of Highbury, N5. The area is part of the London Borough of Islington and is known throughout the world for being the located on the once famous Highbury Stadium. Until 2006 the stadium was the home ground of the world famous Arsenal F.C which is one of England’s top football club. After the stadium was closed it was demolished and the site was redeveloped into a housing area. The area is served by the Highbury and Islington Station which was opened in 1872.